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About Company

HETNET Consulting Company, which was established in 1990, has been the official business-partner of IBM in Russia and CIS countries since 1991.

The company specializes in development and implementation of projects in the sphere of modern information technologies including implementation of IT projects on systems integration, network-attached storage of data.

Hetnet provides a comprehensive range of software and support programs to complement the hardware sales with software development, consulting and services, performance tuning, and more technical support, project management and network design.

Business Units


Business consulting
Operation consulting
IT consulting

System Integration

Networks & telecommunications
IT Platforms and Software
IT security
Technical services


CAD (Computer-Aided Design
CAM(Computer-Aided Manufacturing)
CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering)
PDM (Product Data Management)


Professional managers with IT market experience of more than 15 years.Managers worked as executives of western companies, the largest Russian systemintegrators, industrial holdings.


Experts, consultants, engineers withdesign experience not less than 5 years with profile certification andcertification in the field of project management, business modeling,technologies and decisions of leading world brands.

HETNETConsulting Team knows business needs and knows how to solve IT tasks.

Human Resources

Today our staff comprises 120 permanent employees. At present we have more than 40 IBM certified specialists for the whole range of hardware and software.

Organizational structure of the company consists of seven main departments: Marketing, Sales, Consulting, PLM division, ERP, System integration and Technical Service.

At the head of the company there is Director for Business development, Technical Director, Quality Control Director and General Director dealing with issues of logistics, accounting, warehouse, office, security, transport and kitchen.


  •  aircraft
  •  mechanical engineering
  •  defense
  •  automotive
  •  power
  •  finance institutions
  •  government
  •  shipbuilding
  •  aerospace
  •  education
  •  gas & oil
  •  media


We have partner relations with IBM, Dassault Systemes, Software AG, Oracle, SAP, and some others. We are IBM Premier Business Partner for System and Service and DASSAULT Advanced Business Partner.

Solutions and services

Development and introduction of PLM-solutions: CAD/CAM CATI, PDM SmarTeam and ENOVIA. Training and consulting on PLM-solutions.

Sales, installation and configuration of zSeries platforms, including IBM S/390 9672, P/390, R/390, Integrated Server and Multiprise.

Sales, installation and configuration of IBM eServer pSeries (RS/6000), iSeries (AS/400), xSeries (Netfinity) and associated software with communications between Mainframe, Midrange and PC's being our speciality.

Our focus area of development is Business Integration: design and integration of disparate solutions/applications and disparate databases. We also develop full scale Java solutions. We offer installation and configuration solutions around numerous IBM products including DB2, MQSeries, TXSeries, WebSphere and VisualAge for Java.

A fully functional demonstration center with 3 mainframes, AS/400, UNIX, TotalStorage and NT interconnected, as well as joint demo center with IBM for SAN Solution is available at Henet location.

We are highly skilled in database migration services, customization and tuning of mainframes. As a system integrator we can integrate across platforms from Windows NT to AIX or S/390. Remote services are available nationwide.

Available Resources and Knowledge

We have specialists certified in DB2, MQ Series and AIX, pSeries, IBM TotalStorage, Tivoli, iSeries, zSeries, as well as possessing in depth knowledge of CICS, WebSphere and VisualAge Generator.

Also we have specialists qualified in management and administration of Software AG products like ADABAS Natural, and products of Oracle.

Our staff of technical experts includes individuals with years of experience in project management, application analysis, application development and database administration, as well as great experience in OLTP systems for heterogeneous environments.

Our highly qualified professionals working with modern methodologies and development tools carry our application development projects of any complexity.

CICS, MQSeries, WebSphere, VisualAge Generator, ADSM, Lotus, Tivoli;

IBM VisualAge Generator (Java,SmallTalk, 4GL, C++, Cobol, XML) PL/1, Fortran, C, Assembler; ILE RPG;

Database systems

OS/390, VM/ESA, OS/400, AIX, Linux, Windows NT/2000

Testing and debugging at Solutions Centre
Professional testing with the help of special software is done at our test laboratory (comprised of several IBM mainframes and SAN solution products).

Hetnet has Demo Centre, about 300 square meters, certified as IBM TotalStorage Solution Centre. The main purpose of the Centre is getting customers acquainted with the existing modern technologies and storage systems. Here you can learn in detail about TotalStorage solutions and the effective data management systems with the use of software products Tivoli, as well as you can see and test in reality SAN solutions for specific tasks of various scale.

At present there are such running modern subsystems as disk, optical and tape subsystems and libraries for data storage, in particular 7133-040 -SSA Storage Subsystem with the possibility of attachment via SCSI, FC-AL interfaces, tape library 3570-B01 Magstar MP; Enterprise Storage Server (Shark) 7025-F20; tape library LTO 3583, IBM servers AS/400, RS/6000, S/390 9672, xSeries. By using the equipment represented in the Centre customers can not only see and touch data storage systems and SAN components but can also design and test data storage solutions that are necessary for specific environment using the latest IBM developments.

At Hetnet we use resources of not only its stuff members but also the members of its part-time stuff plus collaborate with companies and professionals all over Russia which makes it possible to cover quite a number of IT spheres, among them:

  • Corporate Information systems
  • Office applications
  • GUI Programming
  • Client/Server application
  • Database modeling / DBMS integration
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Intranet/Extranet
  • And others

Vision of project management, development and implementation

Hetnet Project Managers ensure that complex solutions are completed on time and within IT budgets. The Project Manager is responsible for the creation of the project plan, which serves as the blueprint. It is this blueprint that spells out the network design, access design, security definition, reliability requirements, and support requirements. It's the basis for developing the task-oriented Project Statement of Work, which outlines who does what and when. Project Managers who handle every task of the project interface directly with the customer.

The tasks include:

  • Writing the Statement of Work, vendor contracts, and letters of agency
  • Scheduling what will happen when and who will do it
  • Documenting completion and acceptance of the project phases
  • Generally ensuring your satisfaction as the project moves toward completion

Project Management deploys all required resources per Statement of Work, utilizing skills selected from a matrix of Hetnet staff capabilities and working with designated customer personnel to get the job done.

Company reliability and stability

Numerous customer references, good financial record and decade of IBM partnership prove Hetnet's reliability and stability.